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Pele's PrideA blend of coffee from the volcanic Pacific islands and Pacific rim farms.The Kona and Sumatra give this blend a strong backbone, while the Central and South American co-ops add just the right amount of brightness for a perfectly round cup. We drink this every day. $12.00
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Demeter's DecafDecaffeinated through simple osmosis using the patented Swiss Water process, the full body and aroma are so bold and rich, you would never guess it was decaf. $14.00
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Mother KafféFrom the birthplace of coffee. (There is a touching documentary about Ethiopian coffee: click Black Gold to find out more about how your coffee drinking directly effects the people of the region.) $14.00
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Kali Ma EspressoRich and fierce. Dark roast, carmelized sugars, clean finish, bittersweet flavor, and a good crema are the recipe for a remarkable espresso. A perfect tribute to the beautiful and powerful Goddess.$14.00
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Cybele's PassionA harmony of Turkish roasts, full flavored to honor the Goddess of the fertile earth. Add some cardamom, a pinch of cinnamon, and brew this up in a traditional Ibrik for a pure Turkish delight. $14.00
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Las HermanasA light blend of coffee that was the answer to heavy prayers. A desperate situation was turned around by women empowered to save their part of the world in Nicaragua. See the amazing story of this coffee cooperative here.$15.00
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All Goddess Kaffeina coffees are blended with the world in mind.
Plants are grown on organic farms where the farmers are paid a living wage.
For a fierce pot of coffee, use ½ cup of grounds per 10 cups of water.
For milder constitutions, use less.


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