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Laura Sutherland dazzles crowds as a professional MC at all the major Tribal bellydance festivals on the West Coast and beyond - as well as wicked burlesque spectaculars like Stiletto, with stars like Princess Farhana, Margaret Cho and Kelly of the hilarious “Shoes”. If you catch Laura’s infamous Water-In-My-Ear dance tribute to bad cabaret on You Tube, you’ll see why she is a favorite with every crowd. When she’s off the mic, she is creating the change she wants to see in the world one delicious cup at a time with her small green independent business featuring organic, fair trade, and bird-friendly coffees and teas at

Tribal SD Style 2008 Insanity

During some down time at Tribal SD Style, Laura played dress up.
The band started to play. This is what can happen when left unsupervised.

Tribal Fusion Faire dress up improv
Geisha Moth dresses Laura in high fashion. Time for interpretive dance!

Check out Laura's Coffee business here.