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Black tea with caffeine

TeaDescriptionloose leaf bagBuy It!
English BreakfastA robust traditional black tea; my mother's favorite source of caffeine.$4.00
Earl GreyA fine black caffeine tea; let your worries be washed away with wild bergamot.$5.00
Ceylon SupremeA classic black tea from Sri Lanka, with a mellow aroma and a full, robust taste. Great with milk.$5.00
Blue LadyAn exquisite black caffeine tea flavored with blue flowers, citrus, and grapefruit.$6.00

Herbal tea without caffeine

Rose GardenAn herbal blend of rose hips and petals, a comforting non-caffeinated cup rich in vitamin C.$5.00
PeppermintCut and sifted peppermint leaves, perfectly soothing hot or iced.$5.00
Red ZingerThis amazing blend of herbs will bring a little bit of Zen to your cup. I personally blend Lemon Zinger, Rose Garden, Peppermint, and Hibiscus for a healing cup of tasty goodness.$6.00
Blood OrangeAn all-fruit tisane with the deep citrus flavor of blood orange. This is the wife's favorite tea.$7.00

Green tea with caffeine

Pan Fired GreenTraditionally prepared green tea with subtle color and flavor.$5.00
China JasmineA traditional green tea naturally scented with jasmine flowers.$6.00
Gen Mai ChaA fine, pan fired sencha combined with toasted and popped rice.$6.00
Green Cherry BlossomBring the blossoming cherry trees into your day.$7.00

Chai Tea Blends

Tiger ChaiThe Tiger of the Orient. A black Indian tea spiced with vanilla, ginger, cardamom, sun dried orange peel, and cinnamon. Fantastic with milk.$7.00
Green Dragon ChaiGreen tea spiced with vanilla, ginger, cardamom, sun dried orange peel and cinnamon.$6.00
Green Mate ChaiAn herbal, revitalizing blend of yerba mate spiced with ginger, cardamom, sun dried orange peel and cinnamon.$7.00
Red Garden ChaiAn herbal, fresh mix of Rooibos Organic spiced with ginger, cardamom, sun dried orange peel and cinnamon.$6.00

All tea comes in loose leaf bags. Tea steeping accessories can be found below.

Don't see you favorite tea? My roaster has over 50 kinds! Contact me to inquire.

AccessoryPrice Buy it!
DIY tea bags 60 count pack$6.00
Pincher tea infuser$4.00
Bamboo tea strainer$3.00


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